Lily Lee
As a member of CAREA, you have the opportunity to network with other professionals such as real estate brokers, attorneys, developers/builders, bankers/mortgage bankers, CPAs, architects and the list goes on. And to profit from the experience of the industry's top producers, to exchange ideas & knowledge for the betterment of your business & to create more business opportunities among the members by sharing/co-broking listing inventory. But most importantly, to be able to attend educational seminars & CE classes FREE!
Since CAREA's inception in 1993, the organization has made remarkable contributions to the real estate community by promoting professionalism, unity & good work ethics.
As one of the original founders of CAREA, 21 years ago, I am exceptionally proud to witness its achievements. Under the leadership of Mr. Bill Seto, CAREA will continue its excellent work for years to come.
Gloria Wong
My experience with CAREA, I have been a member of CAREA since 1996. Through out these years I have grown tremendously professional wise. I had the pressure to not just meet with real estate professionals but banking and all related fields even with politicians. I had been on the Board of Directors for 12 for years. I have been there as our organization had grown from a small countable number of members to over 500 members. We are known not just to the Chinese population but we are able to tap into all nationalities and have grown tremendously, thanks to our dedicated and hard working board of directors.
Helen Yu
As a member of Carea for many years, I especially value the educational seminars and the interaction that we get from a lot of our sponsors. I enjoy meeting and networking with other real estate brokers and agents where I can learn from their experiences and expertise. These agents bring information about areas where you can never learn from a book. There are also other professionals such as accountants and insurance and others. I definitely recommend anyone who is not a member to join.
Laura Wei
With the various real estate professional education programs such as continuing education course, seminars to improve processional skills and overview and market stagey, help to keep the members stay on top of the market and maintain the ethical standards of relations between professionals and with the public. Being a member of CAREA, I can also network with real estate professional with different cultural background and share the same mission of increasing sustainable homeownership in the community. CAREA is a unique organization that provide education, fun, and opportunities at the same time.